Class Descriptions


Gentle Flow Yoga II — at home studio at 1310 Piedmont Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32312. This more active land-based class is a Hatha-style, breath-centered class (with 3 to 8 participants) designed to reduce stress, build strength, increase balance and improve flexibility.


Gentle Flow Yoga I — at home studio located at 1310 Piedmont Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32312. This is a smaller and less difficult land-based class with more personal attention which blends restorative yoga with Hatha yoga.


Chair Yoga — at home studio located at 1310 Piedmont Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32312. This is a smaller class designed for seniors and individuals seeking working toward practicing in a traditional mat-based yoga class.


Warm Water Yoga — Schedule and location varies. This type of yoga is ideal for people with limited mobility, osteoarthritis, hip and shoulder replacements and for those recovering from surgeries and injuries.


Advanced registration is needed for all classes. For specific dates and times, refer to the Current Calendar.



When announced, First Sunday of the month 8:00 – 11:00 am There will be a mini-retreat to enjoy communal silence. Yoga is at 9:00 AM. Organic juice and tea follow at 10:30 AM. Meditate, journal, walk the grounds, connect with nature. $15 donation requested. Slots fill up fast. Reserve your space. RSVP to Amanda to find out when the next retreat will occur.

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Amanda offers private lessons on an appointment basis. This is an excellent way to introduce yoga to couples. She teaches both Hatha and restorative styles. RY specializes in the unique needs of the mid-life body and in easing and minimizing aches and strain. This type of personalized guidance in mid-life and beyond is the best way to:


Integrate yoga into your overall self-care and medical care program


Find yoga poses and exertion levels that work best for your age, ability and body type


Help cope with health challenges


Practice deep breathing exercises which increase energy and alertness


Identify key yoga exercises to maintain activities of daily living as you advance in age


Increase leg strength for walking and mobility and reduce likelihood of fall


Increase balance to perform daily functions


Support pelvic, thigh and buttocks strength to reduce urinary incontinence


Maintain range of motion and stability in joints to complete activities of daily living


Determine specific yoga postures that are not good for your health profile


Increase many dimensions of psychological well-being (which prevent physical ailments)


Reduce levels of stress and depression


Reduce pain discomfort


Improve sleep quality


Increased self-control over thoughts and emotions


Provide opportunity for self-reflection and spiritual inquiry;


Achieve other fitness goals


Learn techniques for meditation


Learn how to practice mindfulness off your mat

$55 per hour for 1-2 persons

(excellent for couples)


$10 per class

(classes are 1 hour)


$55 for 6 classes


$90 for 10 classes


$55 per hour for corporate lesson
in business setting


Silent Sundays: $15 Donation Requested